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By Dean - SPORTS CLINICAL, Mar 4 2014 04:48AM

Whether a dancer, athlete or non-sporting, we push our bodies a great deal and often short-change recovery and sleep while trying to balance and juggle work, life and sport. Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue Massage Therapy not only helps sort out injuries but can keep you on track with your training plan, performance or with modern day living and work.

Using the most advanced techniques and knowing what works best and when, our sports massage treatments are driven by your goals. So whether helping with a pain or injury, assisting during intense training periods or just simply needing the value of a massage for your aching muscles, we can deliver the benefits that advanced clinical massage provides to get you there, .

We ensure we stay up to date with the latest research from leading authorities in soft tissue and other treatments, maintaining our skills with ongoing and continuous development to give you the best possible treatments. We are passionate about the service we provide and pride ourselves with the results we deliver our valued clients and patients. We enjoy seeing your improvement when dealing with an injury or getting you through that sporting challenge.

We'll keep you in the loop as we want you to leave our clinic with information, a better understanding of whats happening with your body and in some cases letting you know why we’re using certain techniques.

Returning to work or play decisions can be hard to make and whilst much of the success in resolving injuries comes from what we do, giving the right advice on how and when to start and when to ramp up training is important. We are conscious of loss of fitness during these periods and can offer alternative exercise options during these times.

Sports massage and Sports Therapy is not about causing pain with just hard ‘deep tissue’ techniques as some might perceive. We work at the depth needed and within your tolerances adjusting and varying techniques to achieve the required result. The key is to effect a positive change in the tissues and then to ensure any rehabilitation exercises (if required) are effective in changing the structure of the body back to its more normal state.

We monitor the changes and track your improvement over the course of your subsequent treatments, should they be needed, understanding the progression of change and guiding the treatment required. This constant assessment and re-evaluation means we are able to pick up on how well things are going or identify other areas which may need attention, that might be affecting other tissue, your training or recovery and performance Improvement.

Our goal is to get you back to where you wish to be.

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