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"Having struggled with a long term physical impairment, I am grateful for the service I have received from Dean at SPORTS CLINICAL. I now have significantly less pain and physical discomfort, with a hugely improved posture and greater range of movement and strength. Dean was able to quickly accurately identify my problem areas and provide a service tailored to suit my needs and abilities, with manageable exercises and stretches to perform between sessions. I  would highly recommened Dean as a skilled and professional therapist."


Miss. BR |  Bassingham, LINCOLN


"As a triathlete I exercise most days, by the end of the week I am in need of a full body sport massage to help my muscles recover. I'm glad that I found Dean as his expertise has help me no end in regard to recovery and performance. He also help me recover and build my strength up after suffering from a knee injury. He's not only professional in his practice, his knowledge and guidance goes above and beyond. I achieved one of my goals, a full Ironman, which, I couldn't have completed this without the assistance from Dean. A highly recommended Sports and Massage Therapist."


Mr. AJ  |  CAYTHORPE, Lincs.

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"Although I do not live locally i am happy to make the 40 mile round trip regularly for a sports massage which works.  Dean is professional, knowledgeable and clearly an expert in his field.  He listens, and his treatments vary according to what is needed at the time. As somebody who wants to be a better runner I am grateful that Dean sorted my original injury out and now I go regularly to keep potential issues at bay. I find his advice invaluable and if I am successful in completing my first marathon I know that Dean will have played a huge part in that. I cannot recommend him highly enough"


Mrs. NC  |  GRANTHAM, Lincs.


"After taking up marathon running at the tender age of 50, and with my preceding 40 years being an active sportsman, my body started to fail me. My particular issue was tendonosis of my achilles tendons and a combination of tight/ inflexible hamstrings and glutes. Deans thorough diagnosis and treatment has not only allowed me to continue in the short term with my running and football exploits, but has also given me the faith that with continued treatment, my condition has and will continue to improve. I have no hesitation in recommending his particular skills to anyone. Thank You."


Mr. TC  |  Welbourn, LINCOLN

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"Professional, thorough and diligent: all 3 definitely apply to Dean’s work at SPORTS CLINICAL. I started using him as a therapist back in 2013 as a result of a personal recommendation and since that point used him ever since and he has enabled me to make significant improvements in my running performance.  In my view, his skills set him apart from other therapists and I continue to rate his treatment and long term approach, which looks to address the cause of a problem as opposed to just applying a ‘quick fix’.  His attention to detail and approachability has maximised the effectiveness of treatment and I will continue to use his services and encourage others to do the same."


Ben Livesey  |  LINCOLN. Middle Distance Runner

Personal Best Times: 

10k: 29:28 (Leeds, Nov 13), Half Marathon 64:38 (Cardiff, Oct 13), London Marathon 2:17:44 (London Apr 14)

Ben Livesey



"At the beginning of the year I set a goal of winning my golf society, played over 9 months. I needed to increase my flexibility and mobility particularly in my back and shoulders. Dean is professional and friendly, making you feel at ease and relaxed. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable and continually updates his skills and knowlrdge. Thanks to Dean, I able to increase my flexiblity, improve my golf swing, lower my handicap by 3 and win the championship!"



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"Just want to add that I highly recommend SPORTS CLINICAL. I regularly have treatment with Dean and I've made massive progress with my posture and alignment - I've learned techniques that has helped me to get fitter and stronger. I always feel that I'm in safe hands with someone who knows what they're doimg - Through personal experience I can tell you that prevention is better than cure. Don't wait until it's too late - identifying and treating weaknesses and niggles before they turn into injuries is by far less costly."


Mr. LL |  Newark, NOTTS

Massage 6

"Hey Rebecca, just wanted to thank you for today's massage. It's only been two session but my body feels the best it probably has in years. Feels so strange. Reason for this message is I've just sat down to do some work on my laptop at my table and it's the first time ever I've not needed to slouch forward/under and can sit up straight. Seems small but it's so unnatural to how I would normally sit. So thank you again."


Mr. DM  |  Newark, NOTTS


"Dean is a superb professional and highly skilled. I have visited many sports therapists and nobody comes close to the care and expertise your receive at SPORTS CLINICAL. I cannot recommend highly enough, Dean has given me respite from long standing physical ailments that were not cured by others."